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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Monday, January 12, 2015

Typing sometimes can be tiresome if you don’t have the skills and this slows the performance of your speed in delivering your job. Sometimes you may require going for computer classes that are a bit expensive but instead of all that you can easily download keyboard master typing tutor to enhance your speed. It really feels nice and interesting when your typing in a computer very fast and even without looking since you have use this software.

It uses fun games and exercises your fingers on how to use the keyboard. By installing this application in your PC you will be able to get lessons on how to use the keyboard and increase your speed. You can plan on how you will learn to use the keyboard by selecting either the readymade courses or the time limit. You create a class of your own with no tutor where you play games even without checking on what you’re pressing on the keyboard and try to get a high score.

For those who work as a secretaries or do a lot of typing office work should not worry more rather than they should learn using this reliable source of typing software.


  • It is reliable since you learn how to use the keyboard. .
  • It is interesting to learn since you learn using games


  • Installation takes time and it is a bit old-fashioned
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By Hande Njr

On Friday, January 30, 2015

Learning something new has been made possible due to availability of teaching applications and through the internet itself. Such an application is the Keyboard Master typing tutor 7 which is a product of Nahlik soft dedicated to teaching or basically improving your typing skills. I personally like this application due to the fact that it is an educational application, thus it adds value to a user which is a very good thing in today’s world. Its basis of teaching through execution of tasks and awesome games makes the learning process even better because most people do not like learning in a tedious or hard environment which may affect their understanding capabilities. Therefore with this application you can overcome your challenges by taking the exercise provided and practicing on a daily basis until you are comfortable enough to take a test which is provide under this application. The test results come out in a certificate format which you can always print out. You can tweak this software to your liking because it offers customizing features. With this application you don't have to worry because it has different levels of difficulty. It has a simple interface.


  • It has a simple interface.
  • it is an educational application.


  • it is a trial version.
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A Program That Teaches You to Type Quickly In A Fun Way

By Daren Garius

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

If you want to enhance your typing skill, you better download this excellent program. Keyboard Master Typing Tutor is a simple, but reliable program that will instruct you how to type quickly in an interesting and fun way. This program offers a different kind of typing games and drills that will help you to improve typing as well as learn different techniques. You can play the ready-made course scenarios that are already built-in the program, or you can even select other games and exercises separately. Plus, it has long and short courses that you can do, both applicable for advanced users and beginners. Furthermore, it has a simple and intuitive interface. It doesn’t have any complicated menus and option. Also, this program can copy data to Office application or even export it to MS Excel, HTML and other text formats. I have to say this software is certainly an exceptional learning program that teaches you to type quickly in a fun and interesting way. Don’t hesitate, go and download this program.


  • Learn different types of typing techniques
  • It has different educational games and exercises


  • Doesn’t include any advanced features
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to enhance my typing skills, so that i can use it at work most especially at call center or BPO company. and also for faster searching on google

  • learning and applying it in my day to day work.I have in most times been unable to meet deadlines just because my typing speed is too low.Great!

  • i am a student of bsc computer science i use the keyboard master typing tutor 7.1 for improving my typing skill and only for education purpose

  • for learning and practise typing by using keyboard on the person computer so as to manage and mastering all issues concerning with tyiping and

  • i m interested to learn key board practice Keyboard Master Typing Tutor 7.1 from our server Advantages: Your download is always availableThe best download speed

What similar programs have you used?
  • inpage,wordpade,excel,youtube,yahoo,paint,skype,ms office,gmail,whats app,games,videos,songs,olx,amazon,,powerpoint,facebook,twitter,google,

  • I have not used any other program before in the past. I wanna learn how to type fast and without looking at the keyboard. I will give it my best.

  • i have never used slimier programs please help me for improve my skill to typing. atherwise i fased more truble in near future thanks a lot make like this softweare

What do you like most about this program?
  • best keyboard master typing it is very helpful for the bigginer, i like to use it to learn better type writting , by installing this software

  • its perfect for mastering writting skills, so i can learn writting faster than any other software available on the enternet,also interactive way of training

  • i like typing. typing writing reading eating sleeping walking blushing washing kicking tell me the story what ur flava ice cream make me tea or coffee

  • It is easy to understand the how to touch type. A lot of time is saved because of using this software. Easily understandable, accuracy can be maintained.

  • i want this typing tutor for my children as they can learn how to type on keyboad and it will be helpful for them in future so that their learning capabiltiy improve


Keyboard Master Typing Tutor is a learning and educational application that will help you improving your touch-typing skills with funny games and simple exercises. The program provides some interesting lessons for you to practice, which can vary depending on your level: novice or advanced user. Now, you won’t have to waste too much time in academies, just with a really low profile computer and a couple of minutes of practice every day, you will soon notice the difference.

Once you think you are ready, you can do an exam to test your speed and accuracy and print your results in a virtual certificate. Moreover, you can copy data to any program of the Office suite or export content to Excel, HTML or XML, among some other text formats.

How to use this software

The free download and setup of Keyboard Master Typing Tutor won’t take you too long. Once you are done with the process, you will be able to customize and adjust several things according to your preferences. You can choose ready-made courses integrated in the program to practice or play games and make exercises individually. Also, you can select courses’ duration as well as the part of the keyboard you want to focus in.

Your games will improve at the same time you improve your typing. The more letters you learn to type, the more they will be available in the game. The objective of both games is you get a high score without looking at the keyboard. Your result will be a mixture of several variables, including your speed, accuracy and number of letters that take part. Games are a good way to test your abilities and see your evolution.

In ‘Bomber’ game, your aim is to protect towns and objects against air attacks. As you can imagine, these attacking enemies are letters! In the ‘Gallery’ game, you will have to put a jigsaw puzzle together in order to build a picture. You can only succeed if you write the words that will appear in the screen without spelling mistakes. Besides, you can also try to guess who the painter of the picture was, by seeing few small fragments. However, if you are over 18, you can get a different style of photos by downloading an extra plug-in.

Keyboard Master Typing Tutor 7.1 Features

The unique features of this software are the following:

  • Several educational games such as Bomber or Gallery to test typing speed
  • Possibility of copying data to Office programs or exporting it to Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML or other text formats
  • Possibility of choosing exercises individually or ready-made courses
  • Lessons and support for Qwerty and Dvorak keyboards, among some others
  • Select the whole keyboard or just a part to learn its use
  • Adjustable difficulty, levels for beginners or advanced users
  • Possibility of taking an exam and printing results in a virtual certificate

If you want to read more information about Keyboard Master Typing Tutor before you download it, feel free to visit the .

System Requirements

Below you can find the minimum system requirements to properly download and install this program on your computer:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or further
  • Processor: 32 MHz
  • Memory: 8MB of free RAM