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By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This is a media player for Microsoft windows that supports many file types which are; MPEG-1, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 playback, direct shows, Realplayer and QuickTime components. Playback and recording of television has been made possible on MPC so long as you have a TV tuner. It also supports matroska which is a file format that holds more than one media in a single file and ogg containers which is simply an open container format that ensures efficient streaming and changing of high quality multimedia files.

The player bears a simple and basic interface that any user can find simple to use, it is mostly self-explanatory. On the upper side of the interface there five basic function provisions each with a drop down menu that will enable a user to do all the tasks provided by the player from simple one like opening a media file from any destination in the computer, to complex ones like audio switching and change settings. The function buttons are; File, view, play, Navigate, Favorites, and help designed to help the users when they are stranded whilst using the player. On the lower part of the interface are basic buttons; play, pause, stop, skip forward or backwards and the volume button.

I can attest that this player serves as the last resort when it comes to media files that won't play on other media players. If a media file doesn't play on MPC then it is most likely will not do so on any other player. This simply means that this player is powerful player. It is actually small in size hence doesn’t consume a lot of space on the users machine.


  • The player bears a simple and basic interface.
  • IT supports many file formats.


  • It faces competition from other media players.
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By Princess Purity

On Monday, August 24, 2015

The love for music has really grown in a similar speed similar to that of light in the current generation. Many people have created and developed a much interest in music and videos including online movies and this has made the development of softwares which will allow the users to listen to music and watch videos wherever they go and anywhere in the world. Media player classic is a portable software which allows users to watch their favourite music and video clips from either a CD, DVD or files like MOV, SWF etc. the best with this software is that it is easy and simple to use as one can zoom in and out and also increase or decrease the speed of their operation.

Microsoft player classic supports a wide range of formats like MP#, MP4, DVD, SWF and many many others. With the TV tuners, one can play back TV programs and recording, and it actually runs quickly without bogging down the system.


  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It supports a wide range of formats


  • There are many other media players to choose from
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Simple yet Dependable Application that offers Faster and Better Performance

By Sam James

On Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If you want a media player that is fast and can easily play your videos as well as audio on your PC, then Media Player Classic is what you need. This application enables you to watch your favorite movies and video clips. Plus, you can also listen to your favorite music. It supports several formats including FLV, WAV, MP3, MPEG and many more. What I like about this media player is that it doesn’t need any installation because it comes as an executable file. You can simply store it in your USB and use it anywhere you want. I find its interface very simple and straightforward. It has an old-school look that is similar to the classic Windows media player. Moreover, I like that this app also supports subtitles for movies. Just search the subtitle you need in the Subtitle Database feature and it will automatically forward you to a link where the subtitle file is available. Overall, Media Player Classic contains a variety of potent tools, making it a practical and reliable application.


  • It has a simple interface
  • It supports different media formats


  • It often needs specific codec to play files
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to watch some movies and video records. thank you for sharing this program. u guys awesome! theres fourty two charts left, what should i write?

  • i want to watch movies and episodes espicially hart of dixie and i need a subtitle to use it in media player classic and i'm thankful if u give the chance

  • watching videos and any other movies or short films also can listen to any song in different languages ,really it's a useful program media player classic

  • entertainment in the office and home for playing music and watching videos and movie. this is entirely person use application and not commercial or business oriented.

  • I am using it for my study.thanks for providing us such useful program.May Almighty bless on you and your family.May you live long.blessed

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used windows media player it is a very similar program to the one mentioned. It has playback features and alos has a number of codecs

  • yes i was but media player classic is the best so i hohe more working on devloping this program and make it so powerful and so strong thank you

  • media player classsic is the best app ever coz i can watch any movie in any format so i advice to all viewers plaese downlaod this app for u

What do you like most about this program?
  • easy to acccess, can easily download, even and child can ddown load he programmes which ever they waned, only one problem lots of adverttisment

  • Media Player Classic is very simple, clear and user-friendly. Nevertheless, the program has abundant menus with a lot of advanced options for demanding users, like zoom in/out, support for subtitles and files with different audio streams.

  • video and mp3 reading, resolution, organisation of data, note, notifications and many others things that i can not try really to explain in this s

  • because media player classic is free, simple and easy too use so i would like to download and have it in my computer and also my laptop tengkyu

  • media player clasic program playing most video is simple and powerfull. thangks for using this program help me to study every data video in much format


Media Player Classic is a video and audio media player. You can watch your favorite clips, movies, etc. and you can listen to your favorite music too. You are free to use this application to play files from several devices such as DVD, CD Audio or even format files like MOV, SWF, RMVB, etc.. You just need the codecs required in each case, which you can download in a few seconds.

One of the most outstanding features of this software is that it comes as an executable file which doesn't need installation, so you can port it in a USB memory. It only takes up around 4MB on your disk. Its memory usage at launch runs only to 8 MB. It’s a great choice for any scenario where resource usage matters.

How to use

Media Player Classic is very simple, clear and user-friendly. Nevertheless, the program has abundant menus with a lot of advanced options for demanding users, like zoom in/out, support for subtitles and files with different audio streams. You will be able to perform several actions to customize your experience such as increase or decrease playback speed, change the size of the video or turn off the computer when the playback ends. Besides, you can watch and record television if you have TV Tuner installed in your computer.

It has abundant menus with a lot of advanced options for demanding users

This software supports a wide range of formats, like MP3, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WAV, DVD, VCS, OGG, WMA, SWF and many others. Though, you may need to install some codecs in order to play some files correctly. One of the most complete packs is K-Lite, which includes over 40 video and audio codecs like Xvid, DivX and Matroska for movies or OGG, FLAC and AAC for audio files. This pack works perfectly fine with this media player.

Customize the player’s setting
Customize the player’s setting

Media Player Classic Features

Here you can see some of the features of this program:

  • It plays codec packs like K-Lite and Combined Community
  • Wide range of formats supported
  • DirectShow architecture. This enables the potentiation of the player speed or process, because the DirectShow’s filters
  • Support to Matroska and Ogg containers. These standards try to work as universal format to store media content
  • TV Tuners: supports playback and recording of television
  • Lightweight: runs quickly without bogging down the system
  • Customizable interface. The users can manage almost all setting options

If you are interested in this program and you need some more information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website here .

Enjoy the its multiple options
Enjoy the its multiple options

System Requirements

Here you can find the minimum system requirements to downlad and use this program:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: Pentium III 700 MHz
  • RAM Memory: 128 MB

Multiple visualization
Multiple visualization's option


Media Player Classic runs quickly and you don't have to worry about memory usage. This software is free and open source! This is definitely a great choice for a media player.

  • Supports loads of formats
  • Non-heavy client
  • Doesn't need installation
  • TV Tuner allows you to record TV
  • Clear interface
  • Other media players can do the same job
  • Sometimes it needs a specific codec to play some files