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For what are you going to use the program?
  • For Fun and to have new experience spend good time I tried some other programs put I found it better and moor factual than the others I hoop to say thank you


  • basic education on aviation and for pleasure.iam an enthusistic about flight simulators and plan on becoming a pilot . this will give a very b

  • entertainment,fun ,something new,better be good,heard alot about it.so long happy trails to you.what more can a person ask for ,life liberty who knows

  • for recreational use and to use up additional characters to satisfy this field's requirements in as lengthy a statement as I can supply 1234

What similar programs have you used?
  • Falcon 4.0 is a multiplayer air combat simulation set in the Korean peninsula with a real-time war in which you take the role of a single pilot in an F-16 jet fighter

  • B.I want to use this program for fun and testing purposes only, because it is a good flight simulator and also that its is free so worth the shot

What do you like most about this program?
  • will tell after complete download and first flight play. i tried every corner of internet for a flight simulator game and now am here, lets check


Micro Flight is a flight simulator that allows you to control planes like gliders, airplanes, any helicopter, jet airplanes and others. You have to fly with different atmospheric conditions like storms, rain, fog, cloudless, air speed and the influence of the thermal currents. You can control the planes with a first-person view like a real pilot or from an outside one.

Micro Flight has 50 missions like to go around a tower with a blimp, land a Cessna-172 on an aircraft carrier, use ISA landing system to land without visibility, which you can active when you want. The missions help you to manage the 22 planes offered in the game. You can configure the options in the video game to play during the night or the day. There are different areas that you can choose where you will be able to land, and some areas are harder than others. You can download more scenarios and planes in the web page created by users and fans. You can also play against other players in the Internet.

This simulator has a great amount of different planes, which is a great point highlighted by its users. You have the possibility of choosing the one you prefer between aerostatic balloons, gliders, ultralight aircraft, jet propulsion airplanes and light aircraft among others. Besides, if you want to discover new places and you don’t know how to go there, feel free to use the GPS that it incorporates. It will help you at every moment.


Micro Flight allows you to feel like if you were piloting a real plane. You can fly with different methods such as taking advantage of an updraft. If you find an updraft, disconnect from the tower and then fly completely free, without any aid different than the wind. You are also able to customize the weather changing, for example, the rate, which makes it a more dynamic game.

One of the greatest points that Micro Flight has is the possibility of flying wherever you want with any helicopter, for example, over the lakes. If you fly close to the mountains and roads of a concrete simulated region, the game will reward you with extra bonuses. Besides, its realism is increased continuously thanks to 3D graphics and the cloud and weather effects.

Micro Flight 5.2 Features

This simulator includes the following features listed below:

  • Great amount of planes such as gliders, any helicopter or jets among others
  • Enhanced daylight
  • Improved and more realistic lights at night
  • Possibility of using JPG and DDS files in every graphic
  • JPG files to scenery and land textures
  • Clear path where you’re in and out of atmosphere
  • Roads are more flattened and accurate
  • Fixed fog where you’re in orbit
  • Improved night textures especially in runaways and roads
  • 3D graphics
  • Enhanced water bump
  • Beacons and roads are coloured (blue, white, strobe and red among others)
  • Mini game included
  • Possibility of playing it in multiplayer mode
  • You can download new content from its official website
  • Feel free to customize the weather

If you want to read more information about Micro Flight, you can do it here .

System requirements

If you want to download Micro Flight, we recommend you to check its system requirements firstly:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: Pentium III
  • Graphic card compatible with Direct X 9.0c
  • Sound card required
  • 3D graphic accelerator