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Cisco Network Magic Pro 5.5.09195.0

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An Easy-To-Use Tool to Instruct You in Accomplishing Your Advanced Networking Goals

By Daren Garius

On Friday, June 27, 2014

I love Cisco Network Magic Pro Edition. With this program, I can skip the technical support phone calls, expensive on-site consultants and online forums. Well, this software helps me to manage, set up and secure my network like an IT Professionals. With point and click ease, you can connect your devices in seconds, you can share printers, Internet connections, and files. You can protect your network with WPA security. It repairs your network and internet connections to stay online and productive. Also, this program tracks online activity with the remote desktop screenshots and control access to the Internet.

Moreover, this program makes the upgrading of your equipment, ideal for all the users like me, without having to be network management experts. All in all, Network Magic Pro Edition is an outstanding tool for managing my home network. Its technology for router recognition is ambitious. On the contrary, this program may not be perfect yet.


  • Displays a visual map of your network in real time
  • Suitable for parents monitoring children online activity


  • Router identification feature is not compatible with some routers
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An Excellent Tool for Learning More about Your Home Network

By Sam James

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cisco Network Magic Pro is a transmission system for computer designed for all the users that are not expert when it comes in network management. Cisco Network Magic Pro has some useful functions, and these are the find and fix configuration errors, protection of wireless and check connection speed. This program is also in charge for managing shared resources like, files hard drives, printers and other files or devices that can share in your computer. This program also has a monitoring module this tool has controlled in the allowing accurate capture; list the browsing history and the access to different content. The Cisco Network Magic Pro has an improvement when it comes to their parental controls it is more strictly with the web site you visit. This program added support for 33 languages all in all, and they also changed the interface color scheme into blue. But maybe the color of the interface is not a big deal for some of the users but still, Cisco Network Magic Pro is the ideal tool when it comes to network management.


  • Easiest way to share your files through network
  • Great tool to monitor the online activity of your kids


  • It is hard to understand for the beginners
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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, June 1, 2015

Cisco Netwok Magic 5.5.091950

The developer of this powerful product hit on the right name as Cisco Network Magic Pro works real magic with your Network system. This software comes with very much upto date tools and features that makes your network management very easy. Sometime back we used to have Network Administrators who will manually go through a list of what to check and work on. Cisco Network Magic Pro is one utility that has made it possible to automate all that was being done manually. This software can:

• Locate and correct configuration errors in your Network

• Carry out a scan, detect and correct any security weakness e.g attacks by viruses

• Be able to locate and display any potential intruding device by using its application map window ability

• Help to manage external devices like printers etc

• Gives a history report on the movements in your local computer, take a screen shoot of your team and keeping a log of pages visited

All in all this magic software has made it possible even for home users who are not expert network managers to manage their networks like full fledged professionals.


  • Makes the work of network administration easy
  • -It covers all the areas of network management


  • Faces stiff competion from alternatives
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • home management and internet security against unrecognized wifi connections from the neighborhood and unfriendly individuals with wifi hacker

  • am shno nabout this eed to wright long letteraring my internet router with my friend that is why i need to control the signal of my internte

  • manage home network in order to have better control over what is happing on it. i think super man should have won the fight with batman, just saying!!!

  • control my network and administer it. make sure no unwanted intruders are trying to access it. If so then remove them. allow communication & file transfer with my laptop.

  • home use manage my kids use of internet keep unwanted users out browser interface too complex i prefer to use this it more easy to understand itsasimple

What similar programs have you used?
  • older version of Network Magic, not sure what else you are looking for, dont undertstand why i continue to get a text is to short error for .

  • I have not used anything similar and I guess I will have to keep typing until I've typed enough characters so I'll enter a stream of conscio

  • i havent used any simular programs before this is my firt time, i believe it will help me to understand about cisco more in depth. Thank you

  • Cisco Network Magic 2009 for home networking tried to install on new pc but no results. will try this new one and see how it goes. the old 1

  • i havent used any simier programs before tghis is my fort time, i belive it eill help me to understand about cisco more in depth thank you h

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like this progammbecaus eit is easy to get networked without the know lege... do ing it will be asy than ever network magic is no 1 in the world

  • I have been using NM for 10 years, l1 love it! The ease of managing my network and adding devices is what I like most. File Sharing has never been so cool!

  • cisco network magic professional thank you so much for asking the question good bye and have a great day ahead and nice to download the cisco

  • see whats happing with other network members, trouble shooting,problem solving, Helping spouse find her problems on the network before it becomes a major issue

  • everything about cisco network pact traser networking and learning discarden all prtocole i want to make exzaming and to go next follow in th


Cisco Network Magic Pro is a network manager that makes the upgrading of your equipment, ideal for all the users, without having to be network management experts. This free to download software provides a variety of tools to help you set up, manage and secure your own network like a pro, because it finds and corrects configuration errors and works with a useful wizard.

It is a good option for learning and discovering your home network and protecting it from malware. You can have a visual map of your own network in real time with this troubleshooting, which can help to manage it, and share printers and folders in an easy way. With the monitoring module, you can control the access to various Internet contents in order to obtain a list of catches and browsing history.

There are step-by-step instructions which show that Cisco Network Magic Pro is a product oriented to the consumer, an easy troubleshooting. You can have information about the devices that are connected to your network while you have a wireless protection. It can also find malware and the weaknesses of your computer and make a scan of your network, giving you details of it.

Newcomers can have a view of the security status and health of the track activities of devices in the network without training. Some new features inform you if your router uses Wi-Fi encryption, make a test of your speed in the Web and help with troubleshooting network collections. There is a description of the most usual problems of the users that can offer interesting explanations.

What this software does

Cisco Networking Magic Pro lets you perform advanced administration and an upgrading of your network and allows you to have a complete report of the movements you do in your local computers, taking screenshots of your team, keeping a log of pages visited, configuration advices and management shared resources such as printers and hard driver folders. Also, this software detects for free all devices connected to the network and sends you recommendations of this. Besides, Cisco Networking Magic Pro offers you protection for your Wi-Fi connections, parental monitoring, filtering pages, registration of used applications, internet connection test and allows repair in case of a failure or malware.

When you download and install Cisco Network Magic Pro, the setup wizard appears and says you that it detects your antivirus software and your firewall. You have to disconnect them. Then run a scan to detect active devices in the network, assign names to team computers and warns you that you are using a trial version. It is a security system because even if a stranger cracks your account, he can’t enter to your connection without your permission. Its operation is very simple and visual: a single window with multiple tabs shows you the security alerts of all the computers connected, upgrading the antivirus, firewall status and critical Windows updates. Critical updates are shown in red, urgent in yellow and non-critical in green.

Once you download this program the scanner will work continuously. In order to share files, there are no complications; it works with a simple click. It includes a wizard to add devices into the network quickly. Cisco Networking Magic Pro works with a detailed map of the network on a screen that shows your pcs, VoIP adapters, NAS, network cameras and others.

Cisco Network Magic Pro 5.5.09195.0 Features

These are some of the features of this program:

  • Allows you to connect devices together in minutes
  • Possibility of sharing printers, Internet connections, and files
  • Your networks will be protected with status alerts and enhanced WPA security
  • Possibility of repairing your Internet connection and your network
  • Exercises control over access to the Internet and does a report activity

If you want know more about this software, feel free to check the developer’s website .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements are the following:

  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • RAM: 256 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB