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Corel Painter 12 12.2

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • it is a trial and i have my serial number. just can't find an old installer with which to reinstall the program so i can get back to work after

  • This program will be used for a presentation demonstration and a speedpaint of different art techniques. The paint tools offered meet my needs.

  • im going to make some sweet art and i dont know what else i would use painter 12 for other than art but i have to keep typing i guess so yeah

  • for drawing five nights at freddys and my little pony speed art and bases mabey anime and real life or fantasy and gore with photo shop hehe

  • We see an adorable little Emirati girl in her bedroom. She’s putting up a series of colourful crayon drawings on the wall. She tells her story by walking around the room and pointing out a different drawing that represents each scene.

What do you like most about this program?
  • Corel Painter is easy to use and has many functions tha help make projects the best they can be. I have used it to make a website background and game characters

  • that you can fill in your line art, unlike other programs, such as painter essentials 5, which i have now. paint tool as would be an option, if i didn't have a mac.

  • The brushes are amazing! Being able to mix oils and watercolors - and not having to watch paint dry - also great! Android Jones workspace yay

  • Because it is very powerful for craativity and inspiration. I have seen its features in YouTube and firmly believe that there is no other software for artistas painteres like this one


Corel Painter 12 is a professional digital art and photo editing application that is specifically designed for artists. The program includes a lot of brushes and paper textures, paints, oils, pastels and watercolors. You can feel free to use your creativity and imagination thanks to its combination of drawing tools with natural media, customization options and pressure sensitive brushes. Also, Corel Painter 12 is compatible with Wacom graphics tablets.

You can create your own workspace, your brushes and the palette and other options. Corel Painter 12 is compatible with Adobe Photoshop; you can preserve the layers and colors and all the functions that this program offers. The new paint kaleidoscope effect creates amazing patterns and colors. You can improve your performance and save time when you paint symmetrical object with the new symmetrical option. You can feel free to mix the colors with the new tools of watercolors; the drying of the color is much more realistic. Corel Painter 12 is a perfect complement to other popular software and hardware like Photoshop or tablets.

It is considered quite complete software for the huge amount of possibilities it offers. In this version, we realized that there were several new features and improvements which make it more professional such as ’Real Watercolor’ and ‘Real Wet Oil’ brushes categories. They provide a deep control over the wind angel, water viscosity and the evaporation rate. Besides, it includes a new Navigator panel which facilitates with an easier navigation zooming in your work documents. Finally, Corel Painter 12 is really useful photo editing software especially for those who usually work with art and paints.

What’ new in this version?

This program has incorporated several new features and improvements as we mentioned before. Nevertheless the first thing you will realize when you download it is that it has a new, modernized and updated interface. In other programs this could be something common but among photo editing software is something a bit strange. This version includes ‘Gel brush’ category which is places in the general brush control panel and it lets you customize this kind of brushes.

Other new features are the ‘Temporal Colors’ palette, a new option called High Quality Display and the Smart Blur filter which smoothes other colors, reduces the details and then the paint is prepared to work in a more general aspect. Corel Painter 12 has improved its speed, compatibility with other programs and also the stability.

Corel Painter 12 12.2 Features

Corel Painter 12 includes several new features which are listed below:

  • Build-in content
  • RealBristle Painting tool which reproduces the feeling of painting on canvas
  • Kaleidoscope painting tool
  • Great compatibility with other programs such as Adobe Photoshop
  • Real Watercolor and Real Wet Oil tools
  • ‘Temporal Colors’ palette
  • High Quality Display option
  • Smart Blur filter
  • New Navigator panel
  • Gel brush category
  • KPT Effects Filters
  • Quick clone possibility
  • 64-bits support

If you want to read more information about this download, feel free to check the developer’s website here .

System Requirements

If you want to download this program, we recommend you to read its system requirements firstly:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution
  • Hard Drive space: 600 MB