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Vampires vs. Zombies

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Vampires vs. Zombies is an exciting game where your vampire forces fight against an army of zombies. A warlord has a drooling zombie’s army around the whole world. Zombies are looking for vampire brains to eat, and you should repel their attacks and get over the forces of darkness. You will have 75 levels to fight the hordes of zombies that will try to eat your brains.

Besides, you will count with a mad scientist that will research for you in order to get new technologies that will protect your vampires. The funny storyline of this game with provide you with hours and hours of enjoyment. In addition, you will have eight arcade levels, 15 amazing characters to play with and 50 items to collect, so you will not get bored while playing Vampires vs. Zombies.


In this title, your vampires are producing raw materials that you need to collect and keep in your Warehouse. You are free to sell them or refine them if you send them to a Machine, by clicking on it. This is the Production chain, where you will earn more coins selling more refined goods. You must achieve the different goals in each level and also have the option of buying vampires depending on the amount of coins you have.

There is a whole gallery of vampires to choose. Your vampires can lose force in different ways. When a ray of sun appears in a random way and your vampires are inside, a cactus will grow up and you will lose strength. You can always see their health counting their blood drops. Zombies will also appear in each level, and you need to destroy them by clicking several times over them. When they disappear you can get their power and earn money in this way.

Vampires vs. Zombies Features

Below you will see the outstanding features that it has:

  • Very funny storyline
  • More than 70 levels to fight zombie's invasion
  • Battle improvements thanks to the profits of creating new items and selling goods
  • New technologies can be researched by your mad scientific
  • 50 items to collect
  • 15 character to play: 7 vampire and 8 zombie characters
  • Possibility of playing 6 arcade levels

If you like this installment and you want to know more about this game before you download it, feel free to visit the developer's website .

System requirements

Here you can find the minimum system requirements needed to correctly download and play Vampires vs. Zombies in your PC:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: Athlon 1.5 Mhx or Intel Pentium IV processor
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Video Card: 128 MB 3D and DirectX 9.0 compatible
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • Hard Drive Space: 300 MB free space


If you want to have a good time, enjoy this entertaining adventure. Once you download it, Vampires vs. Zombies offers you a funny story in which you will have to fight the zombie hordes that want to eat the juicy brains of your army of vampires. Develop useful technologies to protect your vampires and to finish with your zombie attackers!