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World of Goo is a PC puzzle and construction game in which you have to create structures with your Goo, little black balls with eyes and that make funny sounds. Your objective will be putting together these little creatures so they can form living structures such as bridges or towers, in order to reach the exit pipe that will allow you to escape from one level to the next. Besides, the structures you create may interact with other like giant balls or walls. Although the objective is simple and the storyline is not difficult at all, World of Goo will be a brain challenge once you get to the final levels.

Its 2D graphics are similar to TV cartoon series, a reason why it may look childish at first sight. However, you will soon notice it is not, in fact, it can be hellish sometimes! There are diverse types of Goo balls, each one with its own and unique abilities and characteristics.


This puzzle game is mainly divided into four chapters, with several levels each, and an epilogue. The story is set over the course of one year, in which each chapter represents a different season (spring, summer, autumn and winter). In total, there are 47 levels for you to play plus an additional one called ‘World of Goo Corporation’.

Similarly, there are 10 different types of Goo. ‘Common’ Goo can be found in the first level and are only available for making two connections each. ‘Albino’ Goo allows making more connections but do not separate from the rest when you order them to do so. ‘Ivy’ Goo are green, have a frog-like sound and can be found once you reach ‘Bindweed’ level. They allow making multiple connections as well as separating from the rest when you ask them to do it. ‘Water’ Goo have a water drop shape and are not separable. You will be able to use it from ‘Drooling’ level onwards.

‘Beauty’ Goo are pink and appear in ‘Beauty School’ level. They cannot interact with the player and they split in little ones. There is also an ‘Ugliness’ Goo species that has the same behavior, the only difference is they have a yellow color. ‘Pokey’ can be found in ‘The third wheel’ level and are yellow too. They adhere to every object that appears in the screen. ‘Fuse’ Goo are part of ‘Fireman’ level, they are flammable and have a match appearance. ‘Bit’ Goo can be found in ‘Hi, world’ level. They are green and they cannot be moved or part of structures but shot to other ones. ‘Pilot’ Goo are red and have a similar behavior to Bit Goo.

World Of Goo 1.0 Features

The unique features of this puzzle game are the following:

  • 47 levels distributed in four chapters that represent the seasons
  • One additional level you can download
  • 2D graphics
  • 10 Goo types with unique abilities each
  • Cut scenes between chapters and levels

If you want to read more information about World of Goo before you download it in your PC, feel free to visit the .

System Requirements

Below you can find the minimum system requirements for the free download and setup of World of Goo in your PC:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or further
  • CPU: 1 GHz processor or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB of free RAM
  • VGA: 3D graphics accelerator